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Yankeeography: Roger Maris

The life of Roger Maris after retiring from baseball, including his long-awaited return to Yankee Stadium and his battle with cancer.

Roger maris 61 2001

Película de Beisbol la Historia de Roger Maris que rompió el Record del Bambino Babe Ruth. Disfruten esta gran historia.

Roger Maris, baseball's greatest unsung hero

Learn more about Roger Maris at ...

Roger Maris - Keith Olbermann on ESPN 1996

Keith highlights Roger's three tragedies.

Mickey Mantle, joined by Roger Maris, tosses first pitch

4/16/85: Mickey Mantle, joined by Roger Maris, throws out the ceremonial first pitch during the Yankees' home opener Check out ...

Roger Maris 1961 - 60th Home Run as Called by Mel Allen, WPIX-TV, 9/26/1961

YanksAtShea is proud to present another of eleven videos highlighting the last ten home runs of Roger Maris's magic 61 home ...

Roger Maris 1961 - Mel Allen-Roger Maris Interview, Yankee Stadium, WPIX-TV, 9/1961

YanksAtShea is proud to present another of eleven videos highlighting Roger Maris's magic 61 home runs hit during the 1961 ...

Roger Maris 1961 - 61st HR w/Rizzuto's audio & WPIX video--1st time!

From 10/1/1961 and for the 1st time: Phil Rizzuto's iconic radio call of Roger Maris' 61st homer paired with the original WPIX-TV ...

Yankeeography: Roger Maris

A closer look at Yankees legend Roger Maris and his quest to break Babe Ruth's home run record in 1961.

Yankeeography: Roger Maris

A look inside the early years of Roger Maris, including meeting his wife, life as a football star, and his journey to the big leagues.

Roger Maris Highlights

Roger Maris should be in the Hall of Fame. I don't own any rights to this. I'm just a baseball fan. Sorry for the poor quality.

To Tell the Truth - Roger Maris's wife; PANEL: Dina Merrill, Johnny Carson (Oct 2, 1961)

PANEL: Tom Poston, Dina Merrill, Johnny Carson, Kitty Carlisle CONTESTANT #1: Pat Maris (Roger Maris's wife) CONTESTANT ...

1985 - Bob Costas on Roger Maris' Death.

December 14th, 1985. As the outtro to the day's football games, a very young Bob Costas delivered this message about the death ...

Roger Maris's 50th Anniversary

Roger Maris's 50th Anniversary.

Roger Maris hits homer No. 51 of 1961

8/26/61: Roger Maris hits his 51st home run of the season Check out http://MLB.com/video for more! About MLB.com: Former ...

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